Autumn at the Farmhouse

Autumn is a time to slow down and notice the beauty of everything around you. A time of reflection, curling up with a book and blanket. Sipping hot cocoa on the porch as the leaves fall.

I look forward to experiencing an autumn like this. Unfortunately, this is not the one. I’m nearing my final year of graduate school, and relaxing is something I desperately miss! Instead of traveling and stopping at cafes and antique stores, or getting work done on the house, I’m reading stacks of assignments and writing paper after paper for my classes. This semester has hit particularly hard. My countdown to graduation has begun though, and I only have a 170 more days to stick it out :)

I do try to enjoy the season when I can though! Last week was fairly warm so I brought a picnic blanket out to the yard and read my assignments under one of our big maple trees. After a few minutes of getting distracted by the sights around me, I realized I needed to go back inside to fetch my camera!


We even had a very special visitor that day … a bald eagle!oct03b



I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of all. Snapped on my cellphone after hurrying out of the house one morning, this view definitely caused me to slow down and realize how lucky I am to have such beautiful surroundings.

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