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How I Save Money on EVERYTHING I Buy

Here’s a secret I wish I knew about years ago: There is no reason to ever pay full price for anything.

With a few simple tricks, I can save money on everything I buy. I recently began implementing these methods, and oh how I wish I knew about them years ago! These tricks can be easily combined to save even more, and I have already saved nearly $1,000 over the course of a few months (and I’m not even a big shopper!). I’ve also included some bonuses to help you guys save too!

Easy ways to save money on everything you buy

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30+ Beautiful Vintage & Farmhouse Style Fans to Keep You Cool

Believe it or not, we don’t use AC in our home. A few tricks keep it comfortable inside even though it’s regularly in the high 90s throughout the summer. Using fans helps save a ton on cooling bills (or helps get rid of them completely like we did!). And even though fans get a bad rap for not being very pretty to look at, there are definitely some beauties out there! Here are a few of my favorite vintage & farmhouse style fans to help keep your home cool.

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10 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without AC

This is our 4th summer in our home & we’ve never had to turn on our air conditioning once. With a few tricks and some helpful shade trees, our home stays comfortable inside even though it’s usually in the high 90s here all summer. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep your home cool without AC.

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