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Where to Find a Vintage Style Farmhouse Sink

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Everyone is familiar with the apron-front farmhouse sinks that have been popular for a while now. They’re beautiful, functional, and easy to find online and in home renovation stores. But I have my heart set on something a bit different. Something that would better fit the era of my farmhouse. They’re a bit harder to find, but I can’t wait to add a vintage style farmhouse sink to my kitchen someday soon.

We’ve already found our sink and it’s waiting to get installed, but I’ve found some other great options in case you’re on the hunt for a vintage style farmhouse sink for your kitchen.
Find out where to find a beautiful vintage style farmhouse sink.

Taylor (@littlemissfarmhouse)

Most American homes in the 1920s, whether rural or urban, had large white cast iron sinks that generally featured an apron front and integrated backsplash. They came in several varieties including single bowl, single bowl with drainboard, double bowl, and drainboards on both sides. Some were mounted above cabinets, some had a charming skirt fashioned under them, and others showed off their lovely legs.

Luckily for us in the 21st century, reproductions of these gorgeous sinks are starting to become easier to find. If you want to go with an original antique, check out the restored farmhouse sinks on eBay or find one that isn’t in too bad of shape. Tip #1: Sort your eBay search by “Distance: nearest first” because sellers near you will usually let you skip the shipping costs and pick it up yourself. Click here to search by distance. Tip #2: Bar Keeper’s Friend does wonders to clean up old porcelain!

Find out where to find a beautiful vintage style farmhouse sink.

Top row: American Standard Single Bowl  | Drainboard Sink
Middle row: Refinished Antique Farmhouse Sink | Strom Farmhouse Drainboard Sink
Bottom row: Kolher Single Bowl  | Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink

Vintage Style Farmhouse Sink Inspiration

I’m partial to the sinks that show off those cute legs.
This is what type we’ll have, and I plan to store pet food underneath it.

Find out where to find a beautiful vintage style farmhouse sink.

Country Living

A skirted sink is also a pretty option that adds a ton of charm to any kitchen.

Find out where to find a beautiful vintage style farmhouse sink.

Country Living

It’s hard to deny that these sinks are show stealers!

favorite farmhouse finds

Find out where to find a beautiful vintage style farmhouse sink.


Taylor’s kitchen is my absolute favorite and I love how she incorporated
a refinished antique drainboard sink into her 1920s farmhouse kitchen restoration.
P.S. Follow her and her beautiful home on Instagram!

Find out where to find a beautiful vintage style farmhouse sink.

Taylor’s stunning 1920s farmhouse kitchen restoration

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38 thoughts on “Where to Find a Vintage Style Farmhouse Sink

    1. Yes! We don’t have a dishwasher & I don’t really want one, so that’s my excuse for getting a giant sink for our kitchen :)

  1. we tore down an old house and i have one of these old sinks! I am looking for a way to incorporate it into our new kitchen design– although my husband thinks I’m crazy… thank you for this post– can’t wait to show it to him!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I wonder that too. It seems like they’d be a lot easier to keep clean! I guess we’ll find out when we redo our kitchen :)

    1. I wish these sinks lasted forever! I’m at link glad this style is starting to become more widely available. I might need a smaller second one for the bathroom or laundry room!

  2. I’m renovating my kitchen this summer. I would so love to have a vintage sink (my mom has one that’s been in her house since 1920) but hubby isn’t keen on the idea. I wanted a double with a drain board, of course, I’ve only found ones in really rough shape near me.

    1. Finding one in good condition is so hard! We actually had to drive 6 hours to pick up ours. I follow a few people on Instagram (@littlemissfarmhouse is one. She has the kitchen in the main photo up there) who bought vintage sinks in poor condition and had them refinished. They turned out beautiful!

  3. I love farmhouse sinks! I have one in my basement kitchen. I would love to have one upstairs. The sinks with the legs are unique. Can’t wait to see yours! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks, Jann! Wow, you are so lucky to have one already! I can’t wait to add ours to our kitchen. I’d probably even add one to the bathroom if it we had enough space in there!

  4. I thought about a vintage sink but my window is too low for the raised faucet. I got a Kohler Whitehaven “short apron” style apron front sink. It is one of the “new” farmhouse sinks, but the short apron style is for a standard sink base cabinet. I feel it is more reminiscent of the vintage American sinks than the tall apron style sinks that are a take on the European butler sinks.
    My kitchen is older, but here is the sink:

    1. Oh wow, I love how wide that is, Jeanne! It looks great in your kitchen! I definitely prefer the shorter/shallower sinks because it helps me with my very bad habit of letting dishes pile up for days haha

      1. Well – the apron is shorter, but the inside is just as deep as the tall apron style. It was an adjustment getting used to such a deep sink. When the delivery people called to say it was coming, they said my “bathtub” was on its way:)

        I am enjoying your Website/blog

  5. The skirted sink is my favorite but probably not practical with 2 dogs! I would love to have one with the drainer incorporated, I like washing dishes. :) None of them have a sprayer though….unfortunate..

  6. I have a 1920s farmhouse kitchen sink made of cast iron and white porcelain enamel.
    It’s pretty stained, but could be refinished. How much is it worth as is?

  7. Thank you for this post! I have a 50” double bowl farmhouse sink with the removable drain board. I am trying to install it in our brand new kitchen. Looking for ideas on how to set it on a cabinet. Should I have the sink on a countertop or can I set it on a cabinet base and have it at almost countertop height? I could use some input.

  8. I have just removed an apron style cast iron with porcelain sink from my garage, as were remodeling the bathroom and needed to push out into thaw sink space. Live in Riverside in Southern California and willing to sell it. 909-238-5100.

  9. I simply love antiques for the house. I’ve been blessed to find a drainboard sink & a clawfoot tub the same week this summer. I have a Hoosier cabinet, my great grandma’s oak pedestal table w/ 4 chairs and my newest addition, gorgeous cookstove.

  10. Janet; my son set my drainboard sink into the top of an old very sturdy cabinet I’d bought years ago. It’s a perfect fit. You can always build a form using 2×4’s and skirt it.

  11. Diana, you can check with local realtors to see if older homes being renovated or torn down, may have what you’re looking for. Sink etc

  12. Hello fellow antique lovers,

    So glad to find this post and website. I live in an 1880 historic (plaqued) home. I have a rare American Standard Radiation & Sanitary Corp original cast iron porcelain apron double drain, single bin l, high backsplash farmers sink is excellent condition. We are remodeling kitchen and selling the sink. If you are interested in puchasing it, I live near Raleigh, NC right near I-95. It has to be local pick up as it is so heavy.

    Text or call me if interested is 252-230-6865. I can provide photos. I fell in love with the house because of the sink. I love doing dishes in it and filling it with suds. It is such a beauty. It had been used and well kept for generations.

    The woman who I bought the house from lived her for a long time and it was her relatives who lived here before.

    Email me at memomuse@gmail.com to request photos.

    Aren’t antiques so fun? They carry such invisible texture and story.

    You can also see photos of it on Instagram @memomuse

  13. I have just purchased my second farmhouse sink and about to refinish it myself with a porcelain refinishing kit I ordered off the internet. My problem is that the drain needs replaced and is only 2″ so I can’t find one to fit. The standard drains sold are 3 1/2″. Had anyone had this problem and if so, what did you do or where did you find a replacement?

  14. I have been desperately looking for an original kitchen sink for years. With the high back like in the 1920’s, not with the apron but the curved edge that just drops in. About 30″ wide, single sink. Like most old house architectural salvage items, they just aren’t found here in CA. If Anyone knows where I can find one, please contact me. I would even drive across the states to pick it up if the price is right and they won’t ship. Thank you

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