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9 Must-Have Plants for a Farmhouse Flower Garden

These 9 plants will give any garden farmhouse charm and beauty!

This post is sponsored by Monrovia but all opinions are my own :)

Spring is definitely the most anticipated time of year for me. Goodbye cold weather and hello warm sunshine and colorful spring blooms! (Not to mention lots of exterior house projects…) I’ve spent the last few years overhauling our farmhouse flower garden landscaping with plants that feel like they belong in our farmhouse setting. You know, the type of plants that evoke memories of summers past, country roads, and clothes hung up to dry on a breezy clothesline. The kind of flowers that could have been planted and admired 50 or 100 years ago.

Lilacs have always been high on my wishlist for our farmhouse. I bought a little scrawny one last year from a different brand but it’s not doing so great so I was so excited to see this big beautiful lush lilac at our local nursery. (Already big & established = way less likely to succumb to my novice gardening skills!) The pop of color and lovely fragrance makes it a perfect addition to our farmhouse flower garden landscaping. I can’t wait to bring cut blooms inside!

These 9 plants will give any garden farmhouse charm and beauty!

Monrovia has several varieties of lilacs, but I fell for the blooms of this one. She even has an old fashioned name befitting an old farmhouse flower garden: Lavender Lady Lilac. Lilacs get pretty large and this variety is fast growing to about 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide, so I wouldn’t recommend planting it right up on your house. We chose to plant ours in the back corner of our yard. We plan to build a patio for entertaining in that area someday soon, and the lilac will add beauty and farmhouse charm, a pop of color and even add some privacy.favorite farmhouse finds

These 9 plants will give any garden farmhouse charm and beauty!

Choosing plants with beautiful blooms are important to me because I love bringing cut flowers inside to use as decor. Who doesn’t love free homegrown flowers year after year?

These 9 plants will give any garden farmhouse charm and beauty!favorite farmhouse finds

Farmhouse Flower Garden Inspiration

I started planning our farmhouse flower garden last spring and I’ve been slowly adding to it since. Here are my favorites for a beautiful farmhouse flower garden (or to add a pop of color to any garden!):

These 9 plants will give any garden farmhouse charm and beauty!

Top: Rose, Black-Eyed Susan, Coneflower
Middle: Hydrangea, Lilac
Bottom: Wisteria, Daisy, Bleeding Heart, Peony

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93 thoughts on “9 Must-Have Plants for a Farmhouse Flower Garden

  1. Ahhh…Lilacs. But, not in southeastern NC. When we lived in Ohio, we had three different colors. We miss them very much. We can’t grow tulips here, either, but we can grow daffodils. Oh! “They” say that Crepe Myrtles are a substitute for Lilacs. I don’t think so. Nope!!! Lilacs are better and Crepe Myrtles are a very poor substitution for anything! All of those other plants grow here, too. Just not Lilacs.

  2. Spring is my favorite season and I love old fashioned flowers also. I have all that you mentioned, except Wisteria. I had two at my previous home and hope to add one here this year. I have 6 lilacs. One of them is a French lilac and one is the beautiful Sensation purple tipped in white. It smells like heaven when they are in bloom. You will love your nice big one! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. I love your flower choices! Some other flowers that remind me of a farmhouse garden are hollyhocks, cosmos, zinnias and sunflowers :)

    1. I totally agree with these, Kathi! We have all these at our farmhouse, although our hollyhocks haven’t bloomed yet (we just planted them last year). I can’t wait until they come up because I agree that they really say farmhouse!

  4. Hi Meg, you brought up memories of my last home which I moved away from about 3 years ago. There were lots of lilacs, deep purple, pale purple and white. I miss them. I hope to do a post about that garden one day – it’s been in draft mode for quite a while lol. Black Eyed Susans are one of my favorites. Have a wonderful Easter.

  5. I love lilacs! I have been slowly adding flowers to my yard, I started with fruit trees and large bushes. I am loving watching all of the butterflies and bees that use the flowers. I will look for lilacs next time I’m at Lowe’s :)

  6. I love the flowers you’ve chosen for your garden. I have been trying to establish a perennial bed in my yard but the deer have eaten everything I have planted. I was wondering if you do anything to deter them.

    1. We are lucky that we don’t have problems with deer eating our flowers. They are more interested in our neighbor’s vegetable fields!

  7. Great picks Meg and your Lilac looks beautiful already. You must be enjoying potting in your garden now the weather has improved.
    Thank you for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow and Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring this post at tonight’s party and pinning too!

  8. I love your ideas for farmhouse flowers and the reason why you want to plant the types you are thinking about.

    I love lilacs, but they don’t love me. lol. Both houses we’ve lived in have had lilac bushes, but I am very allergic to them.

    I enjoyed this post so much! :-)

    1. I totally agree! I will have to try growing lavender again this year. It’s so tricky to grow and I failed completely last year. I’m not giving up though!

  9. I think zinnias and marigolds are a must for a farmhouse! As well as irises and daylilies. I agree with your list too. I’m starting from scratch at my house at this year I have already added a lilac, 2 rose bushes and 2 climbing roses, hibiscus, Black-eyed Susan, zinnias, marigolds, hydrangea, and various wildflower types!

    My house is kind of French country with limewashed brick on the front and board and batten around the sides and backs. I’m planning to add a few lavender rows.

  10. I am awestruck by your suggestions for the farmhouse flower and the reason you’d like to plant the ones you’re contemplating. I love lilacs but they don’t like me. lol. The two houses we’ve lived in have had lilac trees and I’m allergic to these plants. I loved this article so very much! :-)

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