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Welcoming Autumn

Autumn used to be my favorite season. That changed a few years back when I began associating it with the arrival of winter, the time of year I’m least fond of. Instead of being able to enjoy what the season had to offer, I dreaded the falling leaves and cooler temperatures because they signaled that winter was just around the corner. I’m still working on finding beauty and enjoyment in winter, but fall… you’re not so bad. You’re actually quite lovely!

This year, we grew our first pumpkin (the bigger orange one below) and decorated our porches for fall for the first time.Autumn at the farmhouse

Autumn at the farmhouse Several ladybugs stopped by to dress up the side porch display for a few minutes.Autumn at the farmhouse ladybug Autumn at the farmhouse Our neighbor grows pumpkins and surprised us with beautiful ones this year, including an 80-pounder! Perfect for our front porch.Fall farmhouse porch display This year taught me that fall is a time for celebration, not for mourning the end of summer. From this year on, the beginning of autumn will be very special to us. After many years together, my fiance and I were married on the first day of fall! How’s that for welcoming the season?autumn fall wedding vows

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3 thoughts on “Welcoming Autumn

  1. Congrats on your wedding, Meg! My husband and I had our wedding at the end of September (a few years ago…) and it was a great time of year! Your porch looks darling– especially with that adorable homegrown pumpkin. And an 80 lb pumpkin from your neighbor??? I have never seen a pumpkin that large!

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