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5 Easy Farmhouse Planter Ideas

Brighten up your porch and garden with easy farmhouse style planters.

Is anyone else having a grey and gloomy spring? We started spring off with clear skies and warm sunshine, but it’s been cloudy and grey for the past few weeks. I decided to brighten up our outdoor spaces with beautiful colorful flowers from Lowe’s and repurposed decor (plus one really easy DIY!). This post is sponsored by Monrovia, but all opinions are my own :) Contains affiliate links to products I love ♥ See my full disclaimer.

Farmhouse garden planter Monrovia always grows healthy, high quality plants, and I’m really impressed with how gorgeous these flowers are! Especially the Gerbera Daisies. Especially those pretty pink and peach ones. I was in love with them the second I laid eyes on them in Lowes!
Farmhouse garden planter

Here are 5 easy farmhouse planter ideas you can put together in no time to add color and charm to your porch, patio, and garden.

1. Utensil Caddy Planter

I bought a utensil caddy a while back to help me organize my kitchen, but I quickly realized I’d much rather fill it with flowers. Filled with flowy calibrachoa, it does a great job of adding color and farmhouse charm to our porch.Brighten up your porch and garden with easy farmhouse style planters.

2. Olive Bucket Planter

Olive buckets make the prettiest flower pots! To keep the soil from escaping through all the openings, I first planted these dahlias in a cheap plastic pot and then set it inside the olive bucket. Lavender would also look perfect!
Brighten up your porch and garden with easy farmhouse style planters.favorite farmhouse finds

3. Tiered Tray Planter

Tiered trays are usually really easy to transform into charming planters. On mine, the vertical bar holding the piece together unscrews, so I inserted coconut plant liners into the baskets before reassembling the peace. It took just a few minutes to turn this piece of organizational decor into a pretty planter for our patio, and I love the look of it! I planted dahlias and Gerbera daisies up top and calibrachoa and lobelia below. Succulents would be a lovely choice if your baskets are on the shallow side.
Brighten up your porch and garden with easy farmhouse style planters.

4. Vintage Crock Planter

Did you know they make reproductions of those beautiful antique crocks?? My husband was a bit worried about keeping an original antique crock outside all year, but I found a reproduction that looks and feels just like the real deal! I love that it’s one of the simplest farmhouse planter ideas and that it adds a vintage look to the outside of our farmhouse. Oh and there are my favorite daisies again *insert all the heart eyes*
Brighten up your porch and garden with easy farmhouse style planters.

favorite farmhouse finds

5. DIY Address Post Planter

This is one of my favorite (and easiest!) DIY projects ever. We planted this near our driveway, and it makes such a huge impact. And our packages stopped being delivered to our neighbor’s house after we installed it, so that’s a major plus! Check out my tutorial to make one for your home. I also used calibrachoa and lobelia here, but we’re constantly changing out the flowers throughout the year for a fresh look!
Brighten up your porch and garden with easy farmhouse style planters.

I’m in love with our new flowers, and I can’t wait to enjoy them all season long. I’ve had great experience with Monrovia plants in the past, and they always seem to stay vibrant and beautiful. Plus they always include tons of helpful information on their website and the plant tags themselves.

Visit Monrovia and search your zip code to find out which nurseries near you carry their plants. You can even order them online!

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Do you have any unique farmhouse planter ideas you use at your home?

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24 thoughts on “5 Easy Farmhouse Planter Ideas

  1. I think it’s so creative and attractive to plant flowers in unexpected containers, such as your utensil carrier or crockery. It adds a dimension of interest to the beautiful presentation of the flowers. Very pretty for spring and summer!

  2. These are all great little finds. One thing that I am really wanting is a pole with a hanging basket. We have a patio against a back fence and its so blah. It needs all container florals and the hanging basket would be perfect. Love your choices.

  3. That sweet little tiered stand planter caught my eye when I was scrolling the Merry Mondays party. So cute and very farmhouse! I love it!

    I have a vintage crock that I’ve been thinking about putting a green plant in, but you’ve got me thinking about putting flowers in it.

    Great post!

  4. They are al just darling! I put a pot in my olive bucket last year and loved it as well. I’m always picking up junk containers for planting. I also have one of those reproduction crocks. Love it planted! I always buy Gerbera Daisies at Lowes. Haven’t made it there this year yet. Cold and freezing temps here the last few days.

  5. Hi! I’m one of the co-hosts from the Welcome Home Wednesday Link Up. I love your post. I’m all about anything farmhouse style and of course, who can resist pretty flowers? Add them together and you have some beautiful planters. I definitely want to find some strawberry baskets to plant in! Those are super cute. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great ideas! I love planting in unexpected containers! If it sits still long enough around my house it will have something growing in it! Thanks for linking to The Gathering Place!

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