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10 Best Flowering Shade Plants

We recently landscaped around our house, and I truly thought the shaded north side of our home would be the hardest place to find flowers for. However, I did my research and found lots of beautiful flowering plants to thrive in shade areas that get less than 2 hours of direct sunlight per day. In fact, we have a larger variety of flowers on our shady side than on any other side of the house! These are my picks for the best flowering shade plants. Contains affiliate links to recommended products. See my full disclaimer.

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How to Make an Easy DIY Address Post

Learn how to make your own farmhouse DIY address post! This super easy DIY project will add some serious curb appeal to your home.

It all started when our mailman delivered my textbooks to the house across the street. We quickly realized we needed to put address numbers somewhere on our property, but attaching them to the house isn’t a perfect fix since it sits back so far from the road. We decided to do something at the corner of our front yard that meets the driveway. It previously showcased a barrel planter that we may have let get overrun with grass and weeds…Continue Reading »