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Antique Wishlist for our Farmhouse

I love old stuff. That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. When looking for a house, I told our realtor that I preferred one that was at least 75 years old. 100 years old was preferred! Well, we got our wonderful old house, and now it’s time to fill it up with wonderful old stuff!

Here’s my top 5 antiques wishlist for our old farmhouse. These pieces have completely eluded me so far!

1. Mirrors
antique farmhouse mirror

Left: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.; Right: The Bella Cottage

I’ve had my eye on two kinds of antique mirrors, and I have yet to come across either one! A frameless etched mirror would be perfect for our bathroom (and actually, I’ll take the sink too!). I’d also love to find a tall a Louis Philippe-style mirror for our little third bedroom that we are turning into a dressing room. They are so expensive though, so finding an affordable deal might be a long shot!

2. Pie Safe
farmhouse pie safe

Everything But The House

What country house would be complete without a pie safe? I’d probably use one of these beauties in the living room or bedroom for storage. I just need to locate one for a good price!

3. Paintings
antique oil paintings

Everything But The House

I love the idea of decorating this old house with antique art. I’m pretty smitten with old oil paintings, especially if they have gorgeous ornate frames.

4. Jenny Lind bed
jenny lind bed

Amazon (aff. link)

I fell in love with this style of furniture after seeing a beautiful bobbin-legged console table in a historic inn in Savannah. A small single sized bed would be perfect for our little third bedroom. Update: We found one!

5. Farmhouse Sink

antique farmhouse sink


Tons of people either have or want farmhouse sinks, but the style popular right now is actually the British variety. Midwestern farmhouses like mine often had long apron front sinks with an integrated backsplash and wall mounted faucets. Unlike the more popular style farmhouse sink, there is only one decent reproduction available in the style I want so we’re going to look for a good condition original first. I think this will the hardest piece to track down!

I’m planning some antiquing road trips to surrounding states this fall. Wish me luck on the hunt!

14 thoughts on “Antique Wishlist for our Farmhouse

  1. Love all your choices! I actually have had a few of those items in my life. I am also looking for a small etched frame less mirror, and cannot find one. Guess everyone who has one, wants to keep them! Good luck in your hunt!

  2. Love all of these items! I have a frameless arched mirror like that, but it isn’t etched. I would give it to you if you were close! I have had it a long time, but don’t really have a good place for it these days.
    Check Craigslist for the sink! I have seen them several times when I have been trolling the antique salvage. Some are pricey, but others usually aren’t too bad – and having it professionally re-glazed isn’t too expensive. Good luck!!

    1. You are so sweet!! And I will definitely check Craigslist! Especially since we are willing to drive a good distance to find one. Hopefully someday soon!

  3. Ok so I am not sure if you found your sink or if you are still looking or what state you are even in but….. we live in Indiana and periodically see sinks minus the legs that look identical to the one in the picture. We picked ours up at a yard sale a couple of years ago. Single basin, drain board, enameled cast iron with back mount. I could keep an eye out and send you pictures if I find any. Most I see need to be regulated though. I also need to check the price but one of our local antique malls had a mirror like the one you showed.

  4. I had one of those beds as a kid! I think it’s broken though (I know for sure it’s in pieces somewhere…) But I just had to click through to see it! Love your choices and wish you good luck finding all of them! Don’t forget, the hunt can be the best part ;)

    1. Yes, I love the hunt! I only wish I had more time to devote to junkin :) We finally did find a Jenny Lind bed, and it’s my favorite piece in the whole house!

  5. Hi, Meg. First, Congratulations on finding your farmhouse! I am quite a bit older than you but had the same desire to own a piece of history with loads of charm. My husband and I found an old 1853 Victorian brick with the treasured gables that you so admire. :-)
    The house is much larger than our previous one so I have been scouting all local antique malls and auction houses to fill this relic up!
    I am wondering if you might have local, online auctions with bids that start at ridiculously low prices? I do caution that if you are fortunate to have these online auctions it is a must to go in person to check out the items you have your eye on.
    Wishing you many years of warm memories in making your home a reflection of what lives in your heart.

    1. Oh Jamie thank you so much for your comment! Your house sounds incredible and it’s wonderful that you have so much space to fill with beautiful treasures (and the treasure hunting is definitely part of the fun!). We have local auctions, but I’ve only been a few times. I don’t have much luck with Craigslist either (except for the antique kitchen sink I purchased!). But I do have some really great antique stores in my area that sell antique furniture at great prices. Visiting those stores is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon!

  6. Great bed/bench.and looks so comfy with all those pillows. Like you, I love old farmhouses and bought one sight unseen in the Appalachian mountains. Moved into it 2 years ago and love it. I found a great cast iron high back sink for $45.00 on CL. This is an older post so I imagine you probably found one by now.

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