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How to Create a Vintage Farmhouse Dining Room

We are hard at work on our vintage farmhouse dining room makeover! Goodbye 1970s particle board paneling, hello beautiful new built-ins! I’ll share some progress shots later, but for now we need to start thinking about how to furnish our vintage farmhouse dining room. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite farmhouse tables, chairs, buffets and more that are perfect for adding a vintage feel to any dining room.

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How to Create a Vintage Farmhouse Dining Room

1. Chandelier | 2. Cow canvas art | 3. Farmhouse table
4. Vintage style rug | 5. Cross-back chair | 6. BuffetContinue Reading »

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30+ Beautiful Turkish Rugs for Any Home

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Beautiful Turkish rugs for any style home

When I first began designing our farmhouse dining room, I was feeling a bit hamstringed when choosing a rug. There are tons of beautiful neutral farmhouse rugs, and I love the look of jute and sisal rugs that perfectly embody farmhouse style. BUT I have cats and I’m sure they’d be thrilled if I brought home what they assumed was a floor-sized scratch pad…

I explored some other options and fell in love with the antique look of Turkish rugs. Of course, actual antique rugs are even more stunning, but I wasn’t willing to risk ruining an antique with spilled food. The reproductions are beautiful and fit in well with a traditional or modern farmhouse look. I picked so many favorites that I thought I’d share them with you all!Continue Reading »

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Farmhouse Style Bathroom Makeover in One Weekend

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It’s no secret that I’ve hated our bathroom since day 1. Dingy beige tile that’s falling apart and missing in places, a broken medicine cabinet, and a generic laminate vanity… It doesn’t exactly have the farmhouse charm that this old house deserves.

I’d love to do a full gut remodel in the future featuring a claw foot tub, a beautiful tile floor, and beadboard that matches the original stuff in our kitchen, but that’s likely years away. We finally decided we couldn’t live with this ugly little room anymore and set aside a weekend for a quick makeover to transform it into a light, bright farmhouse style bathroom.

Here’s what we started with:

Transform your bathroom from dated to full of farmhouse charm in one weekend. Easy DIY farmhouse style bathroom makeover!

Our #1 priority is getting rid of the dingy square tiles on the walls. I believe it dates to the 60s or 70s, and I feel a tad guilty getting rid of something that’s been part of our house for that long, but man… it’s bad. Tiles are missing or broken in places, and previous owners already removed them from the other side of the room. (Now if they were 1950s pink tiles, that would be another story entirely. You better believe I’d be keeping those!).

The laminate vanity was in good shape, but the printed-on wood grain looked pretty bad in person. Nothing a bit of paint can’t fix! We had also been having issues with our old faucet for a while, so I jumped at the chance to try out Moen’s new Hamden faucet. Finally, we wanted to replace the medicine cabinet and add some vintage style decor to the space.

Here’s what that dingy old bathroom looks like after just two days!

Transform your bathroom from dated to full of farmhouse charm in one weekend. Easy DIY farmhouse style bathroom makeover!

Source List:
Faucet: Hamden Spot Resist Brushed Nickel Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet
Vanity color: Benjamin Moore Opal Essence | Wall color: Sherwin Williams Pearly White
Decor: Rope Wall Mirror | Enamel Soap Dish | Vintage Comb Basket (available on Etsy & eBay)
Vintage Gold Frame (local find) | Soap Dispenser (from Target, no longer available)Continue Reading »