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How to Create a Vintage Farmhouse Living Room

Designing a vintage farmhouse living room without too much white was a bit of a challenge. Because this is more of a “curl up and watch a movie” room to our family, we decided to use this opportunity to try out dark walls and we chose a lovely navy paint color for this space. I’m loving the concept of a darker, more masculine space as a contrast to some of our brighter rooms. I think it’ll work since we have the same vintage inspired style throughout (because this is an old farmhouse after all!)
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Hello Navy! Colors for a Moody Living Room

While most of our home is light and bright, I wanted at least one space where I can indulge in something a little different—a dark and cozy, dramatic and moody space that will serve as a contrast to some of our lighter rooms. I’m all about creating different atmospheres for the various areas in our home, and our living room is the perfect place to take the plunge and go dark.

My husband thought charcoal might look too modern for our old house, so we landed on navy. A dramatic and saturated color with lots of history in design, it looks great against wood accents and light colored furniture alike.

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5 Reasons to Love Dark Walls

Dreary, drab, somber, dull, gloomy. With meanings like these, it’s no wonder we shy away from dark colors for the walls in our homes. However, with the right accents, dark walls can make a space feel cozy, sophisticated, and authentic. And they’re not just for modern spaces! They can be a right at home in a rustic or traditional setting.

With the right accents, dark walls can make a space feel cozy, sophisticated, and authentic. And they're right at home in any rustic or traditional setting.Continue Reading »