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Hello Navy! Colors for a Moody Living Room

While most of our home is light and bright, I wanted at least one space where I can indulge in something a little different—a dark and cozy, dramatic and moody space that will serve as a contrast to some of our lighter rooms. I’m all about creating different atmospheres for the various areas in our home, and our living room is the perfect place to take the plunge and go dark.

My husband thought charcoal might look too modern for our old house, so we landed on navy. A dramatic and saturated color with lots of history in design, it looks great against wood accents and light colored furniture alike.

Navy inspiration for our old farmhouse

We tried several hues from Benjamin Moore including the popular Hale Navy. We both loved that color, but something was pulling us toward the darker and more saturated Polo Blue. This color has stunning depth and richness, so we’re going to go for it!
Navy inspiration for our old farmhouseAs a comparison, the smaller board contains a few swatches of cool greys from our first stab at dark hues. This photo was taken in morning light when this room gets no direct sunlight. It is not overly edited and is as true to color as I could get it. (We didn’t prime these test boards, but you get the picture.)

Yes, it’s quite dark, but we have 8 foot windows in the room that will pull in natural light. In the evening, the space will be ideal for curling up to watch a movie, but we’ll also create pools of light using lamps. I’m already excited about the prospect of collecting beautiful lamps!

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite examples of navy done right:
Navy inspiration for our old farmhouse

Ngoc Minh Ngo via Lunch & Latte

Navy inspiration for our old farmhouse


Navy inspiration for our old farmhouse

Elle Decoration

Navy inspiration for our old farmhouse

Elle Decoration

13 thoughts on “Hello Navy! Colors for a Moody Living Room

  1. Most of our house is in light grays and whites, but our master bedroom is knoxville gray by Benjamin Moore and we love it! It’s a navyish type blue and gives the room such a coziness.

    1. Thanks, Kristine! I’m keeping my brave face on until we at least get one wall painted. I hope we’ll still be in love with the idea ha!

  2. I too love dark colors such as deep navy’s, grays, blacks, reds/golds, and greens. If its a room with little to no lights, then and only then will I consider light colors. I guess I am a Dolton Abby kind of style. I love, love, love the colors you chose for your rooms. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just love your dark navy. Stunning! Tomorrow I’m taking the plunge and painting my tiny master bath SW Naval. I hope it turns out just as gorgeous as your space.

  4. Hi Meg,
    Thanx for your beautiful pictures. I especially do love hale navy. We have a long but small house with only windows at the front and back. Do you think I can use this colour or would it make the room too dark?
    We do have a wall between the open kitchen and the rest of the house. Maybe it’s an option there.
    Hope you know
    Thanks so much!

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