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Signs of Spring at our Farmhouse

Sunshine, fresh blossoms, and warm breezes. I’m not great at winters, but I can totally rock springtime! These are of few of my favorite things about spring at our farmhouse.Spring beauty at the farmhouse

Daffodils are always the first sign of spring around here. That’s why they’re one of my favorites!Spring beauty at the farmhouseSpring beauty at the farmhouseWe planted a cherry blossom tree last spring, and it finally bloomed! I’ve loved cherry blossoms since I was a kid and I finally have my own! I can’t wait until our tree is big enough to spare a branch or two to bring inside.Spring beauty at the farmhouseDid I mention how much I love these beauties??Spring beauty at the farmhouse Spring beauty at the farmhouseSpring storms mean spring rainbows, and the ones out here are so beautifully vibrant!Spring beauty at the farmhouse

It got cold again recently, but when it warms up for good we can finally hit our spring to do list:

  • Clean up and refinish some of the to-redo pile in the barn. I’m not the only one with a redo stash, right??
  • Revamp the porch: Install and paint a ceiling, install our porch light, stain the floor and replace our broken porch step.
  • Repoint the brick in the foundation. For an old house like ours, this means sending a mortar sample to a lab, getting a report of its ingredients and ratios, creating a custom mortar mix to match our historic mortar, and other things I’m slightly confused about at the moment.
  • Expand the flower beds around our house. I’m really excited for this part!

What are your big plans for spring?

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