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Hello Farmhouse!

Our house search began over 10 months ago. We wanted to skip the starter home step, so we were looking for something we could see ourselves in long term which meant that we were going to be a bit picky about our requirements:

  • We were most picky about architecture and character. Farmhouses, Victorians and colonials are our favorite, but we also looked at Craftsmans and even a prairie style home. We told our realtor we probably wouldn’t be interested in seeing homes built after the 1940s. You should have seen her face when she heard that. Bless that woman for sticking with us to the very end! Ideally, we wanted a house at least 90 years old.
  • Size: It’s so easy to go too big when it comes to old houses. A house with three bedrooms and around 2,000 square feet would fit us perfectly.
  • Lot size: A quarter acre or more is ideal.
  • A two car garage was a must for him.
  • And a basement or cellar was a requirement for me. I need a place to cower when tornadoes come to town!

I have always been very fond of old farmhouses, so I held out hope that we could find one (the ones with a center gable are my ultimate weakness!). Despite our rural area, they are hard to find. The farmhouses that did go on the market were small ones less than 1,000 square feet—not enough space for our needs.

Our farmhouse fixer upper

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