Summer at the Farmhouse

We’ve had a busy summer so far! After closing on our house, we’ve been working on renovations almost every day for the past five weeks! We’re making great progress, and we love going out there every day. It’s just such a peaceful place. Although our days are long, I haven’t felt this happy, relaxed, and at home in a really long time.

I’ve always considered myself a city girl (coming from Chicago and all), but there is one time of my life I don’t think about often enough. When I was a child, I used to spend weekends on my grandparents’ farm. Visiting our farmhouse every day and seeing the long forgotten sights has jogged my memory a bit. Without cable and video games, I instead spent hours in clover fields, went for long walks on deserted gravel roads, pet the cows and horses (and got zapped by the occasional electric fence), caught frogs at the pond, and explored the hidden treasures in the barns.

Although it’s not as large, I’m happy to have my own little slice of this kind of life.


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