Farmhouse Flower Garden Favorites

Farmhouse flower gardenSpring is definitely the most anticipated time of year for me. Goodbye cold weather and hello warm sunshine and colorful spring blooms! (Not to mention lots of exterior house projects…) I’ve spent the last few years overhauling our farmhouse flower garden landscaping with plants that feel like they belong in our farmhouse setting. You know, the type of plants that evoke memories of summers past, country roads, and clothes hung up to dry on a breezy clothesline. The kind of flowers that could have been planted and admired 50 or 100 years ago.

Lilacs have always been high on my wishlist for our farmhouse. I bought a little scrawny one last year from a different brand but it’s not doing so great so I was so excited to see this big beautiful lush lilac at our local nursery. (Already big & established = way less likely to succumb to my novice gardening skills!) The pop of color and lovely fragrance makes it a perfect addition to our farmhouse flower garden landscaping. I can’t wait to bring cut blooms inside!

Farmhouse flower garden

Monrovia has several varieties of lilacs, but I fell for the blooms of this one. She even has an old fashioned name befitting an old farmhouse flower garden: Lavender Lady Lilac. Lilacs get pretty large and this variety is fast growing to about 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide, so I wouldn’t recommend planting it right up on your house. We chose to plant ours in the back corner of our yard. We plan to build a patio for entertaining in that area someday soon, and the lilac will add beauty and farmhouse charm, a pop of color and even add some privacy.

Farmhouse flower garden

Choosing plants with beautiful blooms are important to me because I love bringing cut flowers inside to use as decor. Who doesn’t love free homegrown flowers year after year?

Farmhouse flower garden

Farmhouse Flower Garden Inspiration

I started planning our farmhouse flower garden last spring and I’ve been slowly adding to it since. Here are my favorites for a beautiful farmhouse flower garden (or to add a pop of color to any garden!):

Farmhouse flower garden picks

Top: Rose, Black-Eyed Susan, Coneflower
Middle: Hydrangea, Lilac
Bottom: Wisteria, Daisy, Bleeding Heart, Peony

Shop online or check your local nursery:

» Shop farmhouse flowers «

And be sure to check out the #GrowBeautifully planting guides & inspiration:

» Grow Beautifully Guides & Inspiration «

What would you add to a farmhouse flower garden? What flowers say “farmhouse” to you?

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Aqua Inspiration for Our Farmhouse

Aqua room inspiration for a more colorful home

White, grey, greige. I love these colors and have them in my home, but they’re all I seem to see on Pinterest and in magazines anymore. White walls are especially linked with farmhouse style, but many old farmhouses were often places full of color and pattern. Victorian farmhouses like mine were often originally decorated with dark stained trim and patterned wallpaper. We discovered layers of patterned wallpaper downstairs while the upstairs bedrooms were painted in shades of green, blue and pink.

I’m interested in bringing some color back into this happy home of ours and aqua is one of my favorite shades. This color looks great in both new houses and historic homes. In fact, the famed “haint blue” color of painted Victorian porch ceilings is generally a shade of aqua or light blue. Continue reading →

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Favorite Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

A giant cast iron sink, wood floors, an adorable island, and beadboard all around. These are my dreams for our farmhouse kitchen, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t already pretty dang charming. Even with all of its quirks (like mismatched countertops on the same counter!), our kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the house. We added some farmhouse kitchen decor to make it feel more like the farmhouse kitchen of our dreams. Here are some of my favorites and some that I’ve picked up for our farmhouse kitchen. Note: this post contains affiliate links to products I love.

farmhouse kitchen decor

Favorite Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Mason jar utensil holder
Ceramic berry basket
Cow creamer
Mason jar salt & pepper shakers
Bread box
Wire basket
Cow butter dish
Coffee, tea & sugar canisters
Mason jar soap dispenser

farmhouse kitchen decor breadbox

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