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Farmhouse Bedroom Progress: Simple & Sentimental

We still have a ways to go on this room, but it’s finally starting to look like a bedroom now thanks to some sentimental pieces from my grandmother. Farmhouse cannonball bed Note: this post contains affiliate links to products I love. See my full disclaimer.

My grandparents purchased this cannonball bed right after they were married 40 years ago and I’ve always admired it. My grandfather passed away two years ago, and my grandma decided to downsize to a smaller bed this past summer. I don’t actually remember ever telling my grandma how much I liked the old bed, so it was a surprise and an honor when she asked me if I’d like to have it. It’s now my favorite piece of furniture in the house, and it looks pretty dang perfect for this farmhouse bedroom.
Simple farmhouse bedroomfavorite farmhouse finds

I know this seascape might look out of place in a Midwestern farmhouse, but it’s also very close to my heart. My grandparents have had a small cottage in Florida since before I was born, and this print hung above the bed I always slept in when I visited. When I was little, I’d stare at these waves, excited for the next day on the beach. The print was originally owned by my great grandmother who I never got to meet.
Simple farmhouse bedroomThis antique dresser is another favorite piece of mine. My grandma bought it for us as a housewarming gift. Did I mention that I have the best grandma ever??

Still more to do on our farmhouse bedroom:

  • Add more artwork
  • Replace blinds with fabric shades
  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Replace old wiring in ceiling
  • Remove paneling from the bed wall (you’ll notice the seams in the photos if you look closely). There’s beautiful old brick under there waiting to shine!

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