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Wishes for This Year


2014 was exhausting. I finished up my second year of grad school and on my summer break from classes, we began doing a ton of work on our new (old) house. I’m so excited for 2015 because I’ll finally be done with grad school! Which means I’ll actually have enough free time to do what I want to do whether that’s working on my house, reading a novel, traveling overseas, or finding new antique shops to peruse. It’ll also be nice not to feel as stressed out anymore!

These are a few of my wishes for 2015:

  • Graduate with my master’s degree
  • Get married
  • Visit Paris
  • Redo the front porch
  • Begin bathroom and laundry room renovations (at least have a plan of attack)
  • Lots and lots of antique shopping
  • Visit the beach

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