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A Bit of Gold: Simple Hack for an IKEA Farmhouse Bedroom

IKEA farmhouse bedroomWe have a pretty new metal bed with gold accents for our farmhouse bedroom, but it didn’t start out that way. We purchased the IKEA SVELVIK bedframe for our guest bedroom (aka the room we’re staying in until the main bedroom is finished). It’s a sturdy, vintage-inspired metal bed that we have been eyeing for a while.


There was just one problem. Once we got it home, we realized we didn’t love the dull silver accents. We liked the idea of painting them black or gold and decided to try gold first. We used Krylon gold spraypaint for this project. It’s my go-to gold paint because the color is a very soft, almost rosy gold that I really love.
IKEA farmhouse bedroomIt was a quick and easy change, and we love the way it turned out! Perfect for a farmhouse bedroom!
IKEA farmhouse bedroom IKEA farmhouse bedroom IKEA farmhouse bedroomWhat cat can resist a freshly made bed?

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4 thoughts on “A Bit of Gold: Simple Hack for an IKEA Farmhouse Bedroom

  1. Love this style! We have the saddest boring basic bed frame ever. We really need an upgrade but it keeps getting out on the back burner! Love the gold accents!

  2. Love how it turned out! I’m in love with the metal bed frames right now but finances won’t allow it yet. I’d be willing to try the cheaper version from Ikea but my husband hates Ikea with a passion as we’ve had several pieces of furniture from there that were unsteady and broke easily. Does this bed seem cheap or is it pretty sturdy?

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