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Farmhouse Front Door Picks

farmhouse front door

1. 3/4 light door | 2. Valspar’s Lincoln Cottage Black | 3. Emtek Colonial sideplate with Lancaster knob

Picking out front doors has been one of my favorite things yet, and I can’t wait to see them in place. Currently, we have mismatching front doors and some seriously ugly aluminum storm doors.

Choosing a door was the easy part. We decided on a six pane 3/4 light door. It’s a bit of a twist of a traditional farmhouse front door, but it will allow more light to enter the front rooms which can get quite dark under the shade of our 100-year-old maples. After we ordered the doors, I began noticing other old farmhouses in the area that had similar doors so we’re in good company.

The paint and hardware wasn’t as easy to choose. After looking at lots of black and dark grey paint in every brand, I settled on Lincoln Cottage Black from Valspar. Why? We’ve had good results from Valspar in the past, this color was in the National Trust for Historic Preservation collection so it is period appropriate, and who doesn’t like Abraham Lincoln?? It’s a lovely color that looks black in the shade and dark grey in sunlight.

It took me a long time to choose the knobs because I wanted to them to accurately reflect the house. Using modern doors, we’re restricted to modern hardware so getting the right feel was a challenge. I didn’t want anything too ornately Victorian, and anything too plain also wouldn’t work because many of the original door knobs in the house have beautifully carved designs. We finally chose Emtek’s Lancaster knob with the Colonial sideplate in oil-rubbed bronze. The French antique gold finish is also very beautiful and would have stood out better on the dark doors, but I felt the oil-rubbed finish was more appropriate since it better matched the original dark hardware in the house.

We’re hoping for good weather so we can get everything installed soon!

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  1. Love the island that was catered in the kitchen. I’ve catered an island in a former kitchen of mine. Made it with a hutch base that sort of looked like a dresser. Primed, painted and distressed it. Then, found a few vintage planks of barn wood and sanded them down. Finished it off with some stain and sealant. I used construction adhesive to secure it to the dresser base and it was the perfect kitchen island at that time.

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