15 Gorgeous Farmhouse Chandeliers for Any Home

Sometimes (or most of the time), renovations don’t go as planned and life can get in the way for a while. After a bit of a break, everything’s starting to come together in our vintage farmhouse dining room. Floors are finished, the library wall is being built, and the paint colors are chosen. The main thing we still need to decide is which of these farmhouse chandeliers to hang over the table.

I’ve rounded up my favorite farmhouse chandeliers in case anyone else is on the hunt for one. Which one is your favorite?

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Farmhouse chandeliers make a big statement in any home!

Click below to find these beautiful chandeliers:
 1. Jacy | 2. Big Sky | 3. Corinne
4. Brighton | 5. Lois | 6. Kelsey
7. Buckland | 8. LNC Vintage | 9. Holbrook
10. Donna | 11. Graham | 12. Marcoux
13. Paladino | 14. Aust | 15. Gavin Continue reading →

6 Must Haves for Our Vintage Farmhouse Dining Room

We spent the weekend finishing up the polish on our newly refinished 120-year-old floors in the dining room. They’ve been under carpet and linoleum for at least 30 or 40 years, so I’m excited to see them shine through again!

The dining room has been the most difficult for me to visualize, but our ideas are finally coming together. I’m hoping to create a room that’s more timeless than trendy but still has some color and whimsy. Here’s our wishlist for this room:

Contains affiliate links to products I love ♥ See my full disclaimer.

1. A Beautiful Farmhouse Table

A farmhouse table is a must for a vintage farmhouse dining room!Country Living

A farmhouse table is a must for a vintage farmhouse dining room! We already have lovely old chairs that my husband grew up with and they’d pair perfectly with a farmhouse table. Continue reading →

Farmhouse Goals for 2016

2015 was a big year! I graduated with my master’s degree, got married, and visited some truly amazing places. It was also the first full year we spent in our farmhouse! Unfortunately, we didn’t get as much done on the house as we had hoped because we had to deal with some unexpected situations and honestly, after the stress of grad school was over I just wanted to relax for a while.

I think I’m fully recovered from grad school, our wedding, and the holidays, so let’s make stuff happen!! These are our goals for 2016 along with some beautiful interiors we’re drawing inspiration from.

Finish living room and dining room

farmhouse living and dining room

Sources clockwise from top left: 1. Country Living: Trinity’s 1394 Farmhouse; 2. Country Living: Christi Wilson’s Budget Home Decorating; 3. New England Home; 4. Country Living: Kline Family Beach House

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