Signs of Spring at our Farmhouse

Sunshine, fresh blossoms, and warm breezes. I’m not great at winters, but I can totally rock springtime! These are of few of my favorite things about spring at our farmhouse.farmhouse-spring-1

Daffodils are always the first sign of spring around here. That’s why they’re one of my favorites!daffcherry-blossomsWe planted a cherry blossom tree last spring, and it finally bloomed! I’ve loved cherry blossoms since I was a kid and I finally have my own! I can’t wait until our tree is big enough to spare a branch or two to bring inside.cherry-blossoms3Did I mention how much I love these beauties??cherry-blossoms2 rainbowSpring storms mean spring rainbows, and the ones out here are so beautifully vibrant!farmhouse-rainbow

It got cold again recently, but when it warms up for good we can finally hit our spring to do list:

  • Clean up and refinish some of the to-redo pile in the barn. I’m not the only one with a redo stash, right??
  • Revamp the porch: Install and paint a ceiling, install our porch light, stain the floor and replace our broken porch step.
  • Repoint the brick in the foundation. For an old house like ours, this means sending a mortar sample to a lab, getting a report of its ingredients and ratios, creating a custom mortar mix to match our historic mortar, and other things I’m slightly confused about at the moment.
  • Expand the flower beds around our house. I’m really excited for this part!

What are your big plans for spring?

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