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15 Best Farmhouse Beds for Any Home

Farmhouse style furniture is so fun to pick out, and my favorite part yet of furnishing our farmhouse has been the search for beautiful farmhouse beds. Beds are the defining feature in any bedroom, and swapping our your bed for a classic farmhouse bed is a quick way to add farmhouse charm to your room. For our three bedrooms, we settled on three very different styles of farmhouse beds: spindle, metal & wooden cannonball. (Note: this post contains affiliate links to products I love ♥ See my full disclaimer.)

Transform any bedroom into a beautiful farmhouse bedroom in just one step with one of these 15 stunning farmhouse beds.

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Best Peony Home Decor Picks

Peonies are in bloom! They are my absolute favorite flower, and I wish they could stay in bloom all year long! They unfortunately don’t, but I still like to have reminders of these beautiful flowers throughout the year. Here are some of my favorite peony home decor picks! Note: this post contains affiliate links to products I love ♥ See my full disclaimer.
Celebrate spring with beautiful peony home decor

Celebrate spring with beautiful peony home decor

1. Do You Suppose She’s a Wildflower Print
2. Peony Pillow
3. Fresh Cut Faux Peonies
4. Love Peony Pillow
5. Stop and Smell the Peonies Print
6. Watercolor Peony Tea Towel
7. Peony Still Life by Lupen Grainne
8. Peony Patterned Shower Curtain

My favorite peony home decor item from the list is this pretty peony print with the Alice in Wonderland quote “Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” Yes, I know peonies aren’t exactly wildflowers in most parts of the world, but I couldn’t resist the combination of my favorite flower + my favorite childhood film + gold foil lettering! It’s also a perfect fit for the blush and gold theme of my future dressing room.
Farmhouse peony home decor Celebrate spring with beautiful peony home decor
Speaking of blooms, we’ve spent the last several weeks researching plants, creating a landscaping plan for our farmhouse, and gardening our little hearts out. I’m compiling our farmhouse flower garden plans to share with you all, so stay tuned for that!

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