Farmhouse Flower Garden Landscaping Additions

We overhauled our landscaping this year, and we’ve been watching it bloom all summer. Here are a few favorites from our new farmhouse flower garden landscaping.

In the spring, we planted a sad little half dead lilac bush, and it surprised us with its first blooms in August! It’s a reblooming variety, so I’m looking forward to its fragrant flowers next spring and throughout the summer.
Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

We planted lavender around our side patio, but it was the only thing that didn’t do well for us. I’m sure it’s due to a combination of poor drainage and a very wet summer. We improved the soil drainage, so I’m hoping it does better next year!

Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

Previous owners planted hydrangeas on the north side of our farmhouse, and they’re so perfect that I decided to continue the theme on the south side and front of our house. I love pink hydrangeas, and I really wanted to try the incrediball blush and blushing bride varieties.

The incrediball blush hydrangeas were planted on the sunny side of our house, and they’ve proven to be profuse bloomers! Their flowers begin as a pale pink…
Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

…and then darken to a lovely vintage pink with dark edges on the petals. Some varieties of hydrangeas will have blue or pink blooms depending on the pH of your soil. The color of incrediball blushes, however, are not dependent on soil acidity and will always produce pink flowers.
Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

We planted the blushing bride variety around our front porch. We only saw two blooms between four bushes, so I’m hoping it will do a better job of flowering next year. The flower color of this variety does depend of the pH level of your soil, and we’ve had one bush bloom blue and the other bloom pink.

Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

The flowers on the blushing bride hydrangeas start off as a pale pink or blue…

Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

…and then fade into a beautiful soft white.

Picks for a farmhouse flower gardenAnother favorite was the adorable raspberry truffle coneflower we planted. Seriously, I can’t get over how cute it is!

Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

These endless summer hydrangeas were planted by previous owners, so we can’t take much credit for them but my are they perfect!

Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

Picks for a farmhouse flower garden

Other additions to our farmhouse flower garden

We planted lots of other flowers, but many of them won’t bloom until their second year. Others I just forgot to get a photo of! I can’t wait to see them all in bloom next year.

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    Oh your hydrangeas are glorious! I was so worried about ours but she came back and bloomed this year! And I also wanted to mention that the Wednesday “To Grandma’s House We Go” link party just started over at and I thought you might be interested in joining it, thanks!

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